Biggest Sports Idiot

Posted: March 9, 2010 in General Sports

In the newest segment on the Sports Mole blog, I’ll give sports fans worldwide a chance to vote on a weekly basis for who they believe is the biggest idiot in sports for that particular week.  The four competitors vying for this week’s biggest sports idiot award are the Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger, the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick, Baylor’s Brittney Griner and the Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson.  Must be a proud week for all Pennsylvanians, huh with two of their own in the final four!  Let’s take a second to see why each of these road scholars is deserving of this prestigious award.

Ben Roethlisberger:  After narrowly escaping his first offense for sexual assault on a Reno hotel worker; the former Super Bowl winning quarterback decided he should go down to small town Milledgeville, Georgia and try it again. In all honesty what is a grown man (28) doing at a college bar anyways besides trying to snag some vulnerable young women?  If you ask me he brought this on himself!

Michael Vick:  After serving almost three years in jail for his involvement in dog fighting, Michael decided through long and hard debate (laughing silently)  to go on to the world renowned Gangsta Grillz radio program on Atlanta station Hot 107.9 FM.  When asked where he would like to play next season, he specifically said the Carolina Panthers because he liked the colors of their jersey’s as well as other insightful reasons.  Way to pay back the Philadelphia Eagles for going out on a limb for you when no one else would Mike!  And really the jersey colors?

Brittney Griner:  The NBA’s commissioner David Stern once when asked if he ever thought a woman would one day play in the NBA, responded “Yes” and sighted Brittney Griner as one of the big reasons why.  This phenomenal 6-foot-8 freshman made headlines this past week when she punched Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle after the two mixed it up fighting for position in the low post.  Clearly her poor judgment and decision making make her a perfect fit for the NBA!

Allen Iverson:  The once proclaimed “pound for pound toughest player in the NBA” will now likely be referred to as a different one: alcoholic and gambling addict.  In the past week Iverson’s life has been going down the toilet: he has likely played his last game in the NBA, his wife filed for divorce and Philadelphia reporter, Stephen A. Smith has said that Iverson is literally drinking and gambling his life away.  Hard to understand how a born fighter has now thrown in the white flag.



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