Big Blow for Boston Bruins

Posted: March 9, 2010 in NHL

No one likes the big hits and fights in hockey more than the Sports Mole, but the hit we witnessed yesterday in the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins game can only be described by one adjective, dirty!  The blow to Marc Savard’s head by the Penguins Matt Cooke re-raises questions about the player’s safety in the NHL and what can, and should, be done to prevent future cheap shots like these.   With attendance essentially down overall in the NHL and dwindling television ratings, the NHL has always banked on the aspect that separates hockey from other sports – violence.  Violence and fighting is where the NHL has always made its money.  In other sports, fighting is combated by a lengthy suspension and heavy fine; however in the NHL fighting is highly promoted.  Nothing heightens the intensity of a home crowd more than a good ole’ fashion scrum between players.  It seems that the NHL may be stuck at a crossroad on how to combat this issue.  If the league implements a stiffer rule on the physicality of hits, then it will likely upset fans and lead to lost revenues and ticket sales.  However, if nothing is done, well then players will continue to take these monster hits and suffer whatever injuries occur…Looks like Bettman is back on the hot seat yet again!


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