Big Ben on the Prowl, Again!

Posted: March 6, 2010 in NFL, Uncategorized

“When it rains, it pours!”  It most certainly does, doesn’t it Mr. Roethlisberger?  Honestly, I mean has Big Ben been hanging out with Pac Man Jones?  I sure hope so because at least then he would have somewhat of an excuse for being a complete and utter moron!  It has been less than a year and the former Super Bowl winning quarterback has got a nice tally going on his refrigerator for number of women he has supposedly sexually assaulted.  I know  Big Ben hasn’t officially been charged in either of the cases, but let’s be honest, false accusation by two seperate women doesn’t just happen by chance!

First, it was a casino/hotel worker in Reno, Nevada and now its a college student at a nightclub in Milledgeville, Georgia.  One would think that after the first close call, Ben might want to lay low and stay out of the spotlight, correct?  Clearly not!  Instead, Big Ben and three of his cronies decided to tackle the Capital City bar after they watched the Pittsburgh Panthers men’s college basketball team play a game earlier on.  The alleged sexual assault supposedly took place in the bar’s bathroom and after that details are unknown.  Personally, I don’t really need to hear anything else to now officially classify Ben Roethlisberger as a sexually assaulting idiot!  Honestly, Tiger Woods had affairs with God knows how many women, but at least one positve in the whole situation was that he never assaulted any of those women!

When you are an NFL superstar like Big Ben, you have to realize that your life is constantly being watched and scrutinized not only by the media, but the general public as well.  Is alcohol the issue here for Ben?  Is that why he keeps putting himself in these no win situations?  Either way, it is apparent that he needs help!  Maybe he needs to be put under house arrest where he is limited to his right hand and a computer monitor.  At the very least, maybe he needs to be castrated!  Just kidding, just kidding!  But seriously!  Not going to lie, hope he actually gets accused of sexual assault and spends a little time in jail!  Jail has this great ability to scare people out of bad habits or at the very least it would show Big Ben what it’s like t0 be sexually assaulted himself.  I wouldn’t at all be opposed to seeing Big Ben in pin stripes next season instead of the yellow and black!

  1. Looks like he decided to hit up one of those Jersey Shore wannabe’s this time around!

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