Brett Favre, Miley Cirus & Jay Leno?

Posted: March 5, 2010 in NFL

As usual all the hype of this upcoming season in the NFL has been surrounded by none other than the Minnesota Viking’s Brett Favre.  Usually we don’t even get a sniff of when or whether the crafty veteran will return for another season until at least late July or early August.  However, with him being in Los Angeles with his youngest daughter for a Miley Cyrus concert, he found a few moments to stop by the Jay Leno Show and this is what we found out!

Well, I will be damned!  Isn’t that response just vintage Favre?  I guess, we will yet again have to wait till training camp to find out whether the Silver Fox decides to play another season with the Minnesota Vikings or hang up the good ol’ cleats.  Let’s be honest though people! There is no doubt in my mind he comes back next season as he has one of the most loaded teams offensively and defensively in the entire NFL!  The Vikings will be one of the top two favorites to win the 2011 Super Bowl when the season start hands down!  Let the Favre saga continue! 

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