NFL Lockout or Cop-Out?

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

In the world of sports there is only one sport that dominates the headlines and attention of the American public…….no it’s not curling people although I would argue differently considering the amount of Olympic coverage it got this year.  I mean, I was cleaning the garage the other day when it came on and I grabbed the nearest broom and began sweeping furiously like John Shuster of the American team!  Well maybe not Shuster because he was terrible, but …..hmmmm someone quick name a good curler (as the Jeopardy theme song goes off in my head)?  Yah didn’t think so, but either way lets just say my dad was proud of my work!  Anyways, the sport I was referring to is football.

In America football is king of all things sports and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the middle of the NFL season or not, all the planets revolve around this great sport.  With all that being said, 2011 may be the end of the world….well maybe not, but it will at least feel that way for football fans as it looks almost inevitable that there will be a lockout.  Imagine a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly or Sonny without Cher or Michael Jackson not near a little boy, wait that was probably too early…sorry!  Anyways, in American culture Sundays have always had two staples to them, church and NFL football.  What in the world will Thanksgiving dinners be reduced to if we are not saved from spending “quality time” with relatives we didn’t even know we had by the glorious sounds, images and pictures that football provides us?

Right now as I write this article, I vomit in my mouth at the idea of not being able to watch my hometown Minnesota Vikings dominate the league.  I get cramps in my stomach at the idea of not being able to watch the silver fox aka Brett Favre throw a glorious touchdown pass to Sidney Rice or I suppose that patent interception to an opposing team or even Jared Allen’s long glorious locks of mullet. Enough of this talk, I am getting sweaty!  In all honesty, how is it possible that the NFL, a league that’s annual revenue is somewhere in the range of six billion dollars, and its players who sign contracts worth millions and millions of dollars is going to essentially go on strike over money issues?  Your telling me that players like Albert Haynesworth who recently signed a contract for upwards of a $100 million isn’t going to play unless he receives a few million extra?  I guess you’re right, they probably wouldn’t be able to provide for their families on that type of salary, right Latrell Sprewell?

Sports in this country and around the rest of the world are starting to get absolutely ridiculous in terms of the amount of money these players are getting paid to play a professional sport. If I were asked to get up every morning and shoot a basketball for the rest of my working career, I would do it for half or even a third of what current players make. I mean a librarian might have the crappiest job of all in that they have to be around books all day and don’t receive anywhere near what professional athletes make.  Hell a librarian may not make in a lifetime anywhere close to what a pro football player makes in a year.  

According to the current legendary Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback, Charlie Batch “a lockout in 2011 is 100 percent going to happen”.  This statement was made at a recent rookie symposium in which Batch spoke at and I can imagine that was (is this supposed to say was or wasn’t?) well received from the rookies in attendance.  Either way, I think both sides need to deflate their big heads and be logical about this!  Where do these monster amounts of money come from that pay the player’s salaries and make owners boat loads of money?  Terrific question Jon!  Ohhhhhh that’s right – the fans!  Yet, both sides are so money hungry that they are actually willing to potentially sit out an entire season and thus forfeit billions of dollars that would have been made if they played?  Ya that makes sense! Sounds like one big, monumental, gigantic cop-out!  Besides losing all that money, think about how it could affect performance if all these guys went a year without playing real football.  

Clearly, a lockout is just a horrible idea. Let’s make this pathetic reality of a lockout in 2011 nothing more than one big joke.  I can tell you that a lockout will only hurt the NFL moving forward in so many ways that they probably don’t even realize yet.  If there is one group of people that owners and players don’t want to make upset – it is their loyal following of fans!


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