How do you know when it’s time to end the NFL lockout?  When players like Nick Barnett of the Green Bay Packers who make seven figures are crying and complaining about having to pay for fireworks!  *Wipes a tear*

9.8, it’s not just the number of ounces in a Powerade bottle; it’s also the number of seconds it took for the national media to latch on to Derrick Rose as the next big thing, the second coming of Jordan and the humble superstar to captivate all our hearts.

            Let me preface this rant by stating that Derrick Rose is a great player. He deserved to win the regular season MVP award and in my opinion, will be a star in this league for years to come. His lackluster performance in the Eastern Conference Finals was a combination of tired legs from carrying the Bulls all season, and from the stifling Heat defense, specifically when LeBron James guarded him.

            It’s funny to see the reactions of prominent media members, “objectively” stating their disgust after a Bulls loss, while placing the blame on who they now claim to be an overrated Rose. So he was the greatest player since Jordan just a few months ago, but is now undeserving of his MVP trophy? Methinks there are ulterior motives at play here….

            The sad truth is Derrick Rose was unfairly crowned as savior to the thousands of non-Heat fans, all rooting against the King. He’s too young and too inexperienced to bear the weight of all this pressure, bestowed upon him by the bitter media determined to fight the “evil one” himself.

I get it. It was easy to pick this quiet kid as a sort of martyr, representing the slighted of the basketball world. He doesn’t talk trash, has the necessary skills and seems determined to do it all by himself (unlike the Big 3). Face it; he’s the perfect “anti-Lebron.” He’s the Superman to Lebron’s Lex Luthor, the Batman to James’ Joker, the Captain Am….eh, you get it.

We’re all beginning to “witness” that whether you love him or hate him, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. He is better than Rose. He is better than Kobe. He is even better than his own teammate Wade. That pisses a lot of people off, those chugging the “Haterade.” I truly pity the MVP now that the Bulls are eliminated and the media’s fixation with him is done, his greatness forgotten, left to wallow in the emptiness of Jordan’s shadow.

The desperate media now move on to their last remaining hope against a LeBron championship, the final obstacle standing in the way of his rings: The German Larry Bird, the greatest shooter ever, the true MVP….until he loses and gets completely ripped and casted aside like his predecessors.

I feel for you, Dirk.

– Carlos Sanchez

Many people ask me these days, “What are you doing while this lockout is going on?” My answer sounds simple and boring, “I’ve just been busting my butt by training hard and making sure I’m ready when the time comes.” Although this may sound like a very simple answer, for me it’s a little bit different because I like to pride myself as one of the hardest working people in any sport, let alone the NFL. The last couple of years I took time in the offseason to train with my throwing in track and field. This year I decided to take a little bit of a different approach by just training for football. Although with this lockout dragging on as long as it has, I really wish I would’ve thrown this year, but I honestly think I may be in the best shape I’ve ever been in and hopefully it pays off this season.

Back to the original question and answer, “What are you doing while this lockout is going on?” Every Monday through Thursday I go to Plex Performance where I get my football specific training. We do a lot of things that create explosiveness, quickness, strength, endurance, etc. These are very tough and intense workouts which is why I love them. They are always challenging and different. The two locations I go to are in Stafford, TX. and Willowbrook, TX.  A normal workout at Plex starts with me getting there around 10:30 a.m. and ends when I leave around 1 p.m.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do MMA(mixed martial arts) training. These workouts are usually about an hour and a half to two hours long. What I do at these workouts are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Jiu Jitsu is a type of grappling ground game and Muay Thai is basically kickboxing.  How do these help with football? For me there are many qualities that I can use and translate to football. One of the main things in Jiu Jitsu is learning how to control an opponent, which is also one of the main components to football. Controlling someone’s hands, grip strength, strength endurance, etc. are all things that I can use in football. Muay Thai is big time cardiovascular workouts which help in gaining stamina. Muay Thai also teaches hand-speed, hand-eye coordination, foot movements and how to block someone’s hands. All things that can be used on the football field.  I go to get this training in Magnolia, TX. at Gracie Barra. I recently just earned my Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which I’m proud of.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you know I just finished a 21 day detox where I ate nothing but organic veggies, fruits and meats. Many of my meals consisted of just shakes, which was really tough, but it really helped and I feel great. I was put on this by my nutritionist Jason Ivesdal at Higher Power Training.

In my free time, which you can see really isn’t much time at all, I try to hang out with family and friends. Other than that I like to do a little fishing, play with our dogs(2 labs: Sadie and Drake, Chihuahua: Missy and Chorkie: McLovin), and watch my wife barrel race with her horses. Like I said though, I like to do all this when I get the chance. Oh yeah almost forgot, I love to play Call of Duty on XBOX and Playstation. Mostly Playstation, but I do have both. One last thing I forgot to mention was that we got a new barn built for my wife and her horses which she really needed and wanted.

As you can see My family and I have been very busy during this lockout with many things. I hope that we can get this lockout over with and begin the season for all the fans. I also hope that all the hard work pays off and I can give the Viking fans something to cheer about. I guess after all of this I can leave you with an answer to your question “I’ve just been busting my butt by training hard and making sure I’m ready when the time comes.”

Want to thank Mr. Robison for taking the time out of his busy schedule to write this great article and give Vikings fans and NFL fans an inside look at how he is using his time during this ridiculous lockout!  Skol Vikes!

From a very early age, kids around the globe are raised hearing great stories about this ideal known as a “dream job,” where people make vast fortunes, either monetarily or internally doing the things they love.  For some this job may be a doctor, an astronaut, a firefighter, a game show host or even a professional athlete.   This ideal, obviously varies with girls, boys, interests, upbringing, socio-economic status, and numerous other factors.  However, after years of research and countless hours in-front of a television, I may have very well found a job that could even make King Midas envious.  What is this holy grail I speak of?  A member of the hit ESPN television  program Pardon the Interruption (PTI).  Take a look at this behind the scenes video of the cast during a commercial break playing dodge ball with co-host Tony Kornheiser and tell me this isn’t a workplace you’d be glad to show up to everyday?

As a society, we preach discipline. We teach structure, values, and morals, all while secretly undermining these ideals with the utmost hypocrisy. I’m not the ‘perfect person,’ nor is anyone else for that matter, so when I see an institution of higher learning — like BYU — make an example of a student for failing to achieve unrealistic expectations, my mind boggles (thanks for that wonderful phrase, D-Wade).

I have no problem with a religious university setting its own rules. When a student makes the decision to attend such a place, they forfeit some of their social rights as well. What I do have difficulty grasping is when the rules are seldom enforced, allowed to be broken by some, at the advantage of those writing them.

From my understanding of the Brandon Davies situation, he engaged in pre-marital sex with his current girlfriend which, under any other circumstances, would be commonplace for today’s youths; however, under the BYU code of conduct, this is strictly prohibited — along with drinking and the using of curse words.

What bothers me is that while BYU punishes Davies, thousands of other students get away with a weekend party binge, the occasional curse word, and even sexual activity. You see, a large school like this will obviously not act like a prison and monitor what each and every student is doing on a daily basis.

Drinking happens. Drugs are consumed. Love is ‘made.’ The only mistake a high-profile student athlete like Davies made was to succumb to the Mormon tradition of baby making (for shame!) Basically, he got caught, and the school moved swiftly to avoid the spread of this story acting as a blemish to their image.

The Mormons, like many other religions, naively put their beliefs on a pedestal while condemning those who are against them. But where does this false sense of entitlement end? When is the line crossed? I’d say when one of ‘your own’ has his hopes and dreams crushed, left with his future in shambles, and stuck in, all of places, crappy Utah.

Meanwhile, the NCAA sits back and allows athletes like Cam Newton and O.J. Mayo to collect bigger dollar paychecks and new Escalades. Oh, how financial priorities affect these ‘neutral’ figures.

– Carlos Sanchez

Part deux of the Mole’s NBA Mid-Season report is here, and as Will Smith might say, ‘Welcome to the Wild Wild West, where Men In Black fight like Ali, all in the Pursuit of Happiness’ (see what I did there?) So stay chillin’, relaxin’, maxin’, and all cool through this semi-comprehensive prediction of meaningless regular-season basketball.

Western Conference Playoff Teams

Dallas Mavericks: ‘David Hasselhoff! Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!’ – And Dirk clanks another free throw; vintage 2006 Finals – Grade: A Prediction: 3rd seed

Denver Nuggets: George Karl is a crazy person. That is all. Grade: C Prediction: 8th seed

Los Angeles Lakers: For some reason, I feel like this team has one last run left in them. Maybe this meth is starting to kick in??? Grade: B+ Prediction: 2nd seed

Memphis Grizzlies: Utah without Deron Williams < < < Rudy Gay’s Grizz (Yep, I’m 5 years old) Grade: C+ Prediction: 7th seed

New Orleans Hornets: A Chris Paul lead squad can’t sell out home games. More reason for contraction (I do know the meaning of the word, by the way…) Grade: B- Prediction: 5th seed

Oklahoma City Thunder: Although KD is a ‘fake clutch guy,’ getting Perkins for bleepin’ Jeff Green should help this team make a playoff run (The entire Eastern Conference thanks you, Danny Ainge) Grade: B+ Prediction: 4th seed

Portland Trailblazers: Oh yea, Greg Oden is still making more than 6 million a year while teachers across the country lose their jobs. Let’s get political, Portland! Grade: C+ Prediction: 6th seed

San Antonio Spurs: Tim Duncan stinking it up on my fantasy bench while they dominate the conference. AWESOME. Grade: A+ Prediction: 1st seed

Carlos Sanchez


I’m not sure what this student said to the Vanderbilt mascot known as Mr. C, but after seeing the blood spewing down that young man’s face after taking a dirty right hook to the dome, my best guess it was something about his momma.  Let this be a lesson to future students, the mascots are taking their gymnasiums and arenas back – WATCH OUT!